me you and him
pic credit goes to owner

Cast : You and Your Bias
Genre : Angst
Length : Drabble
Author’s note : Hello there! This is my first English fic. Because my English is bad, I decided to just make a drabble. I know there’s still a lot of grammatical errors here (English are not my native language and I don’t know how to use tenses properly hehe) so I would appreciate if you guys read this fic and correct all of mistakes I’ve made here. By the way, this is a drabbe trilogy so there’s two drabble more. At last but not least, enjoy !!^^


“How many times I should tell you that I can’t accept your feeling?” I yelled at him, don’t care if people around us starting to stare at us strangely.

“You know that I can’t…” I lowered my tone because finally I feel a little bit embarrassed because people stop talking and watching us instead.

“I know that.. always..” this guy smiled widely, I don’t know what’s on his mind right now, doesn’t he feels humiliated by me right now?

“But you also know that he will never come back, so why wasting your time to waiting for an as*h*le like him?” he said calmly.

“Don’t ever call him as*h*le, YOU AS*H*LE! He is your brother, for God’s sake!” I yelled at him madly, now I really really don’t care what people thinks about us. This guy in front of me makes my anger level reached its peak.

I grab my bag then I leave him to the exit door. I walking fast as my tears are running down my cheeks.

This is crazy, so crazy that if I try to think about this that would make my head feel so painful. How could my best friend, my lover’s only brother love me and badmouthing his brother to get me over him?

I don’t care if other people badmouthing about my boyfriend, I’ve heard it so many times but i won’t believe it since I know that my boyfriend is the most loyal person I’ve ever knew.

But now even his brother also said like that, even curse him, it hurts me a lot.

I never know, I never know that after 12 years of our friendship, that me, you and him, became like this…



2 thoughts on “(ME, YOU AND HIM TRILOGY) -ME-

  1. ㅋㅋㅋ..

    First comment,
    Too many ***, if this airing in tv we could heard a lot of *tiitt sound,

    Can’t wait for you and him,

    Reafing this fanfic, all things that came up in my mind just cho kyuhyun badmouthing about choi siwon..

    • hahaha since it’ll never aired on tv so that is no problem…

      just wait, i finished the three of it and “You” will publish in next two days (I already scheduled itㅋㅋㅋ)

      haha me too. when I wrote it I think of ChoKyu and MaSi…

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