me you and him

Cast : You and Your Bias
Genre : Angst
Length : Drabble
Author’s note : Hello there! This is my first English fic. Because my English is bad, I decided to just make a drabble. I know there’s still a lot of grammatical errors here (English are not my native language and I don’t know how to use tenses properly hehe) so I would appreciate if you guys read this fic and correct all of mistakes I’ve made here. One drabble still left^^. At last but not least, enjoy !!^^


“How many times I should tell you that I can’t accept your feeling?” she yelled at me. It’s not first time she said that, but whenever I heard it, it really breaks my heart into pieces.

“You know that I can’t…” she said it in low tone.

“I know that.. always..” I smiled, try to hiding my broken feelings. My heart is in agony right now.

“But you also know that he will never come back, so why wasting your time to waiting for an as*h*le like him?” my brother, I’m really sorry for saying this..

“Don’t ever call him as*h*le, YOU AS*H*LE! He is your brother, for God’s sake!” she yelled right in front of my face, then leave me.

I sighed as I leaning my back to the chair. I knew that she would mad at me, she is so stubborn that she believe in him so badly and now she left me.

I love her, I love her even since we’re in elementary school, she’s my only friend back then except my brother. But she is in love with my brother and so does he.

I may look so selfish for wanting her to be my girl although I know that she is deeply in love with my brother, but this is not what I want.

I let her go… I let her go sincerely right after I realized that she choose my brother. I’m happy for both of them…

But this is what my brother want. I love him too that I will doing anything just for make him happy. But I ruined everything…

I never know, I never know that after 12 years of our friendship, that me, you and him, became like this…



2 thoughts on “(ME, YOU AND HIM TRILOGY) -YOU-

  1. Reading this while watching the conjuring such a good combo,

    I feel sorry for the boy, just like eunhyuk said, if you really love someone just go for it.

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