me you and him

Cast : You and Your Bias
Genre : Angst
Length : Drabble
Author’s note : The last part of the trilogy, hope it will answer the questions from the previous story! Enjoy^^


I only have two friends in my life. They’re the most important things in my life. I love them both. I love him as my only little brother, that mamma boy who sometime act like a brat and the other time would act cutely like a lost puppy. I love her as a woman, a woman that I would be marry with, a woman that I want her to be mother of my children, a woman that would be my lover forever and ever.

She loves me, and that is the most wonderful thing. We love each other, everything seems perfect before that day.

The day when I know that I was about to die soon. I have a rare incurable disease, and this makes my dreams about her be destroyed immediately.

I can’t tell her. If I do that, she will insist to be my side and it’ll breaks my heart. I can’t see her suffering from caring me and I can’t think what she will do if I go since she is vulnerable. She is still young, she must spent her life happily.

Then accidentally I know that actually my brother have feeling for her too. It broke my heart twice because I never know before that he’s suffering a lot seeing me and her together.

So this is the only thing I can do. I try pretending to flirt with another girl so she will hate me and looking for someone who love her, my brother. He is the only one that can protect my girl.

I giving her to you, little brat… You’re the only one I trust to be with her. Love her for me, so I can vanish slowly in peace…

I never know, I never know that after 12 years of our friendship, that me, you and him, became like this…



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