Since everyone’s blog have their own welcoming post, I should make one too hehehe

Sooo…. welcome to my blog!^^

Happy lurking here, yeah eventho this blog only contained few fanfics but I hope you enjoying my fail ffs or maybe you can drop some comments to motivate me to write more story^^

I’m not good at making some introduction about original character I used here, so you guys can imagining all you want as the original character even you can imagining yourself (like I always do ;p)

at last but not least, enjoy! 🙂

p.s : I know I know my english is bad but…. practices makes perfect rite?^^



A Reason To Love

A Reason To Love
Cast : Your Bias and a lil’ bit of You
Genre : Angst
Warning : all of this story based on Your Bias’ Point of View.

“oppa, kenapa kau mencintaiku?” tanyanya di malam pertama kami menikah.
“kenapa aku mencintaimu? Hmm, entahlah…”
“oppa! Mana ada jawaban seperti itu! Ayo katakan, kenapa kau bisa mencintaiku?” pintanya manja dengan puppy eyesnya.
“memangnya cinta butuh alasan?” tanyaku balik Continue reading